Digital Transceiver Surface Unit


Brand: Ocean Reef SKU: OR033126Categories: Communications, Full Face Masks & Comms, Ocean Reef

M105 Digital
Surface to diver unit.
• Transceiver unit

• Allows communication with any number of divers who are wearing wireless communication devices.
• Uses a 6V DC lead battery for direct connection with a PTT walkie-talkie

• Can be powered by a 12V DC source for up to 48 hours of operation
• Activated only when the antenna is connected to the unit to prevent unwanted loss of power
• 10mt (approx. 33ft.) transducer cable length. Available in different lengths on request
Long cables may require amplifier mounting.

Comes with:
• Headphone connection
• Volume control
• Speaker
• Water resistant case pressure compensation valve.
• Battery charger
• Easy to read LED battery tester which shows the power status of the battery
• Transducer cable
• Bag
• Microphone

Available accessories:
• Audio out cable (code 8590)
• Headset (code 8589)
• Tuner for >50 meters M105 Antenna (code OR008609)
• Splitter for connecting 2 antennas with M105 or M105DC (code OR023001)
• External power cable code 8594