NEPTUNE III - full face mask



Discover the most advanced Full Face Mask ever from OCEAN REEF.

EFFORTLESS – Completely redesigned and engineered second stage. This FFM has a silky smooth breath.

INNOVATIVE – The second stage is entirely integrated into the mask, as is our company's philosophy, but it can now be swiftly detached (Level 1 tech certification necessary) for never-before-seen quick service and swapping.

RUGGED – The signature double-coated visor is known for its unrivaled robustness and clarity, and it's now coupled with tech PU regulator protection and a silicone deflector to withstand the shocks of scuba diving.

COMFORTABLE - Premium materials, revised orinasal pocket derived from the expertise we gained from manufacturing hundreds of thousands of FFSM for customers all over the world.

BADASS – Not our words, just the natural reaction of whom gets to look at this IDM and hold it in their hands.

PANORAMIC – We held the top spot for field of vision of any FFM before the Neptune III, now, we’ve increased it further!

PRACTICAL – All the great designers in the World could come together to make the most beautiful product ever, but we, divers, need products that are more than beautiful – they must be practical. Neptune III is just that.

SAFE – Physiological benefits of nose breathing are now getting more and more attention and that is one of the great “pros” of a Full Face Mask, but the Neptune III combines all benefits, plus, a dive pre-dive switch, just to make sure that you have all the control you want over your 2nd stage.

FUNCTIONAL – This product can be used in almost any condition, we built it that way. For example, now the Neptune III is the first FFM that can be doffed with one hand.

COMPLETE – Certifying this product we decided that we wanted to guarantee OCEAN REEF divers to be able to rely on a certified set, not just a 2nd stage and first stage. Neptune III can be purchased with it’s first stage, pressure gauge, quick connection hose, quick connection octopus and back-up conventional mask.

ADAPTABLE – Neptune III is sold with the Neptune Backpack, a tool designed by divers, for divers.

Limited LIFETIME warranty!

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