Neptune III Basic - full face mask



The Neptune III Basic is light, simple and no-thrills.

Some of the color(s) or size(s) are available via Pre-order.  Please contact us for the delivery lead-time.

The Neptune III Basic is the choice for your underwater work, your FFM of choice for biology studies, your FFM of choice for recreational and sport diving if you’re looking for a reliable, affordable entry level product.

Dive Safe, dive comfortable, dive dry and dive warm on a Full Face Mask.

  • 6 point strap harness
  • real orinasal pocket
  • hard to flood, easy to clear
  • widest field of view on the market
  • 2 sizes, “S” shape bellow technology face seal
  • cold water CE certified, full face 2 second stage
  • new generation, vertical body, balanced, Neptune III 2 second stage
  • tech PU and silicone rubber 2 second stage, shock absorbent, shell
  • light and durable
  • customizable and upgradeable
  • accessory Surface Air Valve (optional)
  • 2 year warranty


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