5/3mm Ultrawarmth Hooded Vest - Women's


Brand: Bare SKU: 003474-BLK-2Categories: Bare, Dive Wear, Top, Watersport / Outdoor

With high-loft Ultrawarmth OmniredTM Infrared Thermal technology incorporated in the inside fabric, Ultrawarmth Hooded Vests are meant to keep you warm throughout your core and head. OmniredTM is FDA-approved and scientifically proven to conserve body heat and speed thermal recovery. The GEN2 hood vent lets trapped air out and keeps water out, while the skin-in face seal and neck seal that connects to the wetsuit collar keep water out.

Hooded Vests with Ultrawarmth can be worn inside or outside of your wetsuit and can be added to any wetsuit for increased core warmth.

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