27" Steel Wheeled Bag


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Brand: Stahlsac SKU: 888911-BLKCategories: Bags, Stahlsac, Travel bags

The mid-sized Stahlsac 27′′ Steel Wheeled Bag has all of the same features as the 34′′ model, holds all you need for a 3-day trip, and glides through the airport because it's engineered to fulfill airline size and weight restrictions.

WETDRY technology creates a fully waterproof lower compartment, separating wet gear from your freshly pressed best, electronics, and other dry goods. Multiple water-resistant full-zip entrance points provide fast access to your belongings without ruffling the entire bag's contents, and a breathable top compartment allows slightly moist layers to dry out. For a minimalist mission or a quick dive vacation, you'll need all you need and very little you don't.


Dimension: 11.5 x 16 x 27 in. / 68.6cm H x 40.6cm W x 29.2cm Depth

Capacity: 5,020 cubic inches / 82L