F1 LT Fins




The Hollis F1 LT Fin is a fantastic alternative for tackling tight, constrained dives when every kick counts. It combines lightweight construction with purpose-driven design. For hydrodynamic kicking, the lightweight SEBS compound is molded into a vented form that gives loads of efficiency per square inch. A rigid, yet lightweight flex improves efficiency and increases the amount of force and thrust produced every kick, allowing you to save energy and dive for longer periods of time without feeling weary.

Furthermore, the short-bladed design was created for tight, difficult dives where you may otherwise run into impediments, wreck walls, or narrow cavern walls. The F1 LT comes in a choice of colors that will stand out to your diving buddy in low-light and silty circumstances, thanks to its design for the deepest, darkest areas. Plus, the F1 LTs are incredibly easy to put on and take off, especially in choppy waves or swirling, chaotic surf, thanks to easy-to-use spring heel straps with an easy-grip heel button.

The tight, light design of the F1 LT, which comes in a range of sizes, makes them ideal for travel or transporting in a bag to your favorite shore dive, cenote, or forgotten reef.

Additional Information

R, Xl, Xxl


Grey, White, Yellow