T25 Limited Edition Regulator


Our ultra-exclusive T25 Limited-Edition Anniversary Atomic Regulator, which is very robust and strikingly beautiful, commemorates 25 years of superior design, engineering, and performance. The T25 is a highly-evolved version of the classic T3 all-Titanium regulator, representing decades of breakthroughs—and violating the laws. But it's made with even more sophisticated techniques, earning it the title of "Diamond."
To begin, the T-25 regulator was machined from solid bars of Titanium Ti-6Al-4V alloy. We coated it with a unique patented diamond-like hardness coating (DLC) after this initial process, which generates a bright, iridescent color sheen as a consequence. We called it "Burnt Titanium" because of its strikingly gorgeous, durable, and unique finish.

The T25 Burnt Titanium finish is one-of-a-kind, with no two regulators looking alike. Of course, the T25's coating isn't really burnt, but it does have a near-Diamond-level super hardness that will last for years in the water. However, while the "Burnt Titanium" covering is extremely strong and can withstand standard diving scratches, it can be damaged, therefore avoid rubbing against pool surfaces, boat decks, or swim steps.