IRON - full face mask



The Iron IDM is the “Ferrari” of our product line, so there is no being surprised that it
also comes with extra special benefits!

The Iron mask is a Chem Haz mask. Made to be used in the worst environments possible, this IDM can manage a high percentage of Hydrocarbons in any water environment.

  • Regulator cover in marine-grade Anodized Anticorodal®, light weight, resistant, durable aluminum.
  • Regulator adjustment knob, internal screw, in AISI 316 stainless steel.
  • AISI 316 stainless steel frame and buckles.
  • Sensitive regulator adjustment knob, sturdy and easy to grab even wearing thick gloves.
  • 2 NBR straps for a change on the fly if ever needed.
  • 1090 g total mask weight (2.40 lb.).
  • Heavily reduced positive buoyancy, 172 g (0.40 lb.).
  • FVMQ rubber Face Seal, Inhalation Diaphragm, Exhalation Valve to withstand
  • exposure to hydrocarbons,
  • Purge button: specific rubber made to withstand exposure to highly
  • contaminated water.
  • Cold water certified, balanced, on demand, integrated regulator.
  • Polycarbonate visor (siloxane double coated for scratch resistance).
  • Directional exhaust valve (4 positions).
  • Dive / pre dive switch.
  • SAV (Surface Air Valve) included.
  • Up to Nitrox 40%

Special Benefits Include:

  • Free Annual Service and Maintenance for 4 years from the purchase date (Once per
  • year at OCEAN REEF Facilities, shipping is not included.)
  • Free Upgrades for 2 years from the purchase date.
  • 10% Discount on all accessories including Visor lights and Communication units (Not
  • valid for the purchase of another fullface mask. Limit 1 accessory per mask
  • purchased. Offer expires 1 year after the purchase date)


Special notes

  • Cannot mount Extender Frame and Kit unless clamping band is switched to nylon:  ask when ordering for quote.
  • Available in 1 size and 1 color combination: M/L Red/Gold/Black

Additional Information
Option with 1st stage

No, Add 1st stage yoke, Add 1st stage din