Covert Gloves (Unisex)


Brand: Sharkskin SKU: CVACGL-BLK-XL-2XLCategories: Dive Wear, Gloves, Scuba Diving, Sharkskin, Watersport / Outdoor

SPF 50+ for added sun protection.

The Covert works by combining 3 scientific principles:

1. All living things emit a faint electric signal.

2. Some marine species can detect faint electrical signals. 

3. A conductive screen operating as a äóÖFaradayäó» shield can block electric signals.

Unisex fit

HECS conductive carbon fiber material is used in the Sharkskin Covert collection. This ground-breaking camouflage technology decreases the electromagnetic signal of the human body, making you less visible to underwater aquatic life. You can buy a fullsuit, hoods, and socks from the Covert range to contain and hide as much of your body's electrical signal as possible.

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